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I have been reading Writing Personal Notes & Letters by Jennifer Williams and the editors of Victoria magazine on and off for a few months now. Although much of what I’ve read so far is often in other books on letter writing, it’s still enjoyable to be drawn into the world of the letter writer. Indeed, it is.

The smooth white pages of the book are filled with lovely illustrations of postcards, stamps and writing images, much like Alexandra’s Stoddard’s classic, Gift of a Letter
From Chapter 2:
Any good writing- writing that communicates something real and true, including letters to friends- derives its power from our experiences of life, whether it’s a plain old “day-to-day life” or one fraught with extraordinary events. It doesn’t matter. If you tap directly into your own life and allow it to speak for itself, your letters will never fail to be vivid and true.
What I’ve found with books on letter writing is that I like to read a little bit at a time, otherwise it becomes like eating too much pie at one sitting uncomfortably filling.
Here are the chapter headings if you’re curious.
Chapter 1: The Pleasures of Staying in Touch: A Meditation on Letter Writing
Chapter 2: Pictures of the Heart: Letters to Friends
Chapter 3:Transports of the Heart: Love Letters,  Valentines, and Billets-Doux
Chapter 4: Please Join Us: Invitations and Announcements
Chapter 5:  The Words to Say It: Thank You Notes and Letters of Congratulation
Chapter 6: The Comfort of Connection: Condolence and Sympathy Letters
Chapter 7:  Staying in Touch with the World: Letters of Admiration, Letters of Complaint, Letters to Magazines, Alumnae Newsletters and More
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  1. Lost City Denise on November 24, 2011 at 3:06 pm

    What a wonderful idea – I'll try to locate a copy.

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