What I Bought at Faber-Castell in Germany

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Last October we traveled to Nuremburg, Germany where I visited the Faber-Castell shop. I did a post on the Castle Grounds and also my tour of the onsite Faber-Castell Shop.

I spent the most time deciding on the fountain pen I wanted to purchase. I ended up purchasing this LOOM pen with a medium nib. Normally, I prefer a fine point pen, but for a fountain pen, I prefer a wider nib.

I selected the silver color which has a shiny barrel, a matte cover and a grip area with fine rings for easier handling.

Below is a close up of the nib. Even though the nib is medium, it writes like a fine. The ink can be a
little heavy at times, but it could just be the user acclimating to the
personality of the pen.

I selected three colors of ink cartridges: Hazelnut Brown, Violet Blue and Deep Sea Green (shown below).

I also selected this quality set of watercolor pencils. I’ve long been fascinated by the art of creating art with watercolors, but I haven’t experimented much with using these.

I’ve recently begun creating Artist Trading Cards (ATCs) and exchanging them on Swapbot.I will post some examples of those in another blog next week.

These pencils have a triangular shape and a sturdy dot grip not to mention a wide variety of color.

More posts to follow with my watercolor experiments masterpieces!

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