Urgent 2nd Class

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I’m in a mail art kind of mood these days after being inspired by all of the comments on the post over at Good Mail Day. I wrote one article after receiving my first piece of mail and now I have received four more original and very cool pieces of mail art (photos to come in my next blog).

Looking for ideas and inspiration, I turned to Nick Bantock’s book, Urgent 2nd Class. The book is about ‘creating curious collage, dubious documents and other art form ephemera.’ Some of you may be familiar with Bantock through his Griffin and Sabine stories, which were also about mystery and romance of the epistolary form.

As much as I love mail art and the romance of mail art, I am not very talented, but spending time this weekend on it, I found that I wasn’t as hopeless as previously thought. I used a combination of newspaper images, old letters/postcards, calendar pages, used stamps, advertisements and favorite quotes. Now I have four postcards ready to send to those generous souls who sent to me, plus I plan to make some more (now that I’m on a roll) and send some to others.

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