Types of Mail to Send for InCoWriMo

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In my last post I listed suggestions of who to send mail to for the 2018 InCoWriMo challenge. In this post I will list types of mail you can send if you need some more inspiration.

1. Postcard of your city or state
2. Postcard of a place you’ve been
3. Sympathy Card – If you don’t know someone who lost someone or a pet recently, then possibly find someone in news whose story touched you.
4. Birthday Card
5. Handmade Card

6. Copy/paste some humorous cartoons or sayings into a WORD document and print them and mail them to someone who A) Doesn’t do social media or B) Would appreciate them.
7. Thinking of You Card
8. Get Well Card
9. Send a letter on your prettiest stationery
10. Create your own Q&A to share with a friend or penpal
11. Mail a secret on a postcard to PostSecret.com (keep anonymous)
12. Thank you card
13. Valentine card (better yet, buy a pack of six)
14. Purple (or the color of your choice) Letter (ink, paper, stickers or washi)
15. Congratulate someone (new job, baby, move,blog)
16. Ephemera – gather some mismatched paper pieces and send to someone who appreciates
17. Recipes – send a copy of your favorite recipe (include a photo if you’d like)
18. Send a picture of someone that you have to them – maybe one they’ve never seen. What a delight!
19. Weather updates – track weather patterns for a day or two and send a report to one of your mail recipients. Extra: Include a photo.
20. Send a letter to yourself. When you receive it, leave it unopened for a set amount of time (five years, one year, six months, whatever you decide) Current challenges, future dreams, list of gratitude.

21. Send a Postcrossing.com postcard. Most of these are international ($1.15 postage) and the site requires you to have an account. In exchange, when your postcard is received/registered, then you will be sent a postcard from somewhere in the world.
22. Go to Goodwill or some other store where you can buy used goods. Purchase postcards, cards or stationery there and then use one of them to send a piece of mail.
23. Say your sorry. It’s never too late to make amends.
24. Send some color to a friend. A scrap of paper, a square of cloth, a ribbon.
25. Send a bookmark to your favorite bibliophile.

26. A calendar page with a date circled/highlighted for you and the recipient to do something fun.
27. A piece of fan mail to someone whose profession rarely receives such a thing (undertaker, custodian, nurse, policeman, etc)
28. Send a letter to yourself. Use your favorite stationery and best stamp(s)!

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  1. Judy H on February 1, 2018 at 6:32 pm

    I just raided the Target $1 bins for Valentine 'stuff'. Now to separate out and send to a bunch of kids! And old kids too!

  2. jenclair on February 8, 2018 at 2:37 pm

    Great list of interesting possibilities!

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