The Valentine Postmark

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I have a lovely pen pal in Loveland, CO who sent me this special Valentine card with their own Loveland, CO postmark. The postmark and accompanying red sweetheart stamp (bottom left) are part of the Sweetheart City Valentine Program.

According to the website of the Loveland Chamber of Commerce, here’s the history of Sweetheart City Valentine Program:

Since 1947, the chamber, the Loveland post office and 60 volunteer stampers
have been bringing love, hope and sentiments to people in all 50 states and
more than 110 countries with a special cachet stamp and message through the
program. More than 130,000 valentines get mailed each year from mothers to
sons, grandfathers to granddaughters and everyone in between. Famous athletes,
celebrities and even the president often get valentines stamped with Loveland’s
special message. Some of the most heartfelt valentines that have come through
Loveland are the ones sending messages of hope and love to our troops overseas,
to children battling life-threatening illnesses and to those who are overcoming
tragedy and need an extra note of encouragement.

This annual event begins on February 1, so start planning to get your Valentine’s stamped for 2018.

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  1. SueFitz on March 8, 2017 at 7:42 am

    Didn't know about this one – have done one at Christmas before.

    Will definitely take the information and put on my calendar for next year – this looks like fun.

    Thanks for letting me know

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