The Ukranian Soldier and Warship Stamp

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I have been wishing and hoping that this stamp would make it’s way to my collection ever since I first saw it sometime in 2022. It’s a Ukranian stamp (note the use of blue and yellow colors) supporting their service men and women in their fight to protect their homeland from Russia. Pictured here is a Ukranian soldier giving the finger the Russian warship. Wow! Just wow!

The front of the postcard is a book and a typewriter with flowers and a cup of tea/coffee. I love this image so much that I won’t dare remove the stamps. For now this postcard is sitting on my desk and I admire it everyday.

I received the card through Postcrossing as you can read by the note and the postcard ID. This card is made even more meaningful as it hails from Odessa, which is where my dad’s grandparents came from when they left Germany in the 1800s and became part of the Russian-Germans who emigrated to the USA from Odessa.

Sending my prayers to the people of Ukraine and letters to my congresspeople to continue US support of Ukraine’s fight for independence. It’s never too late to pray for peace.

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  1. Michelle McFadden on September 26, 2023 at 1:14 am

    Hi! I found your site looking for the stationery store I remembered in Edina about a decade ago – not sure if it is still open? I am looking for open stock colored writing paper, size 6 x 9″. I remember seeing it in all colors (and different sizes), and then envelopes that could be matched or mismatched? Do you know of anywhere that might sell this? Thank you so much!!!
    Gratefully, Michelle

    • Jackie on September 27, 2023 at 4:38 pm

      Hi Michelle,
      Was Paper Source the name of the store you’re thinking of? There was a second one kind of like Paper Source but I don’t recall the name of the shop.

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