The Shape of Ideas Sketchbook

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I am on a mission to improve my drawing skill set, or, as I like to call it, my doodling. I’ve never been confident of my drawing ability and don’t have an eye for the horizon line and other drawing concepts. However, I do realize that the key is practice and that’s where The Shape of Ideas Sketchbook comes in.

This 144-page book was sent to me by the publisher for a preview before its release this September. The book was created by Grant Snider who published The Shape of Ideas: An Illustrated Exploration of Creativity in 2017.

The smooth white pages of the sketchbook are mostly blank, except for a few pages interspersed with colorful illustrations; it lies flat for ease and comfort while drawing; it includes a pen holder and comes with an elastic binder to keep the book closed flat.
Grant Snider is an orthodontist by day and an artist by night. You can follow him on Twitter (@grantdraws) where he regularly posts thought-provoking illustrations such as this:
Do you doodle in your letters and on your envelopes? It’s like sharing a piece of your self when you are willing to share your art. I do occasionally and would like to do it even more.


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