Postcrossing Stamps

postcrossing postage stamp

I’m on a mission to add some Postcrossing stamps to my small but charming stamp collection. I belong to Postcrossing, the best way to send and receive postcards from around the world. I joined Postcrossing in 2005 and since then have received and sent almost 450 postcards. I learned about Postcrossing postage stamps on their…

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15 Years at Postcrossing

photo of large bulletin board covered in mail

I received an email from celebrating my 15th anniversary with the postcard mailing website. How time does fly! To date I’ve sent 373 cards. I’ve saved most of my received cards in a large photo box and have them sorted between US and World. My favorites I put on a large bulletin board or…

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Postcrossing is 5 Years Old!

Congratulations to the people at Postcrossing who are celebrating their 5th anniversary. I joined in August of 2005 shortly after they launched. I’m not sure exactly how I found their site, but have been pleased as punch that I did. Last October I wrote a short post with one of my favorite postcards (that one…

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Postcard from Russia

This postcard from Russia is a perfect depiction of what I imagine Moscow to look like. Trading postcards through Postcrossing has been a phenomenal experience. You can get them as often as you like and are willing to send them, as you have to send one to receive one. At the first level you sign…

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Who Do You Write To?

The first question people ask when I tell them I’m starting a magazine on letter writing and journaling, is ” Does anyone write letters any more?” And when I assure them we do, their follow question is “Who do you write to?” The most common answers are friends, relatives and pen pals. Even with email…

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