How To InCoWriMo in 2024

woman's hands writing a letter, illustrated, desk has coffee, letters, pens and more

It’s never too early to make your plan for International Correspondence Writing Month (InCoWriMo). While I’m not looking for additional writing pals, I do love sending and receiving mail so I participate in this annual challenge. And as a Leap Year, 2024 will have 29 days instead of 28. The challenge is to send a…

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15 Years at Postcrossing

photo of large bulletin board covered in mail

I received an email from celebrating my 15th anniversary with the postcard mailing website. How time does fly! To date I’ve sent 373 cards. I’ve saved most of my received cards in a large photo box and have them sorted between US and World. My favorites I put on a large bulletin board or…

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Minnesota State Fair Postcards

Postcards from the Minnesota State Fair are fun to find! I make a point of finding the featured postcard which is created from a poster used to promote the fair. Each year they commission a new print from a different artist. Here is this year’s print and a link to artist info. Like any state…

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InCoWriMo Update

handmade postcard with cigar label, dictionary page, postage

February is International Correspondence Writing Month (InCoWriMo) in case you haven’t heard. Writing a letter (or a note or a postcard, really any kind of mail you send through the post will work) and I have been rocking it!  Every day I’m mailing something. Last week one of the pieces mailed was this postcard. Granted,…

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Happy Valentine’s Day

newly stamped envelopes

Lots of mail went out this week. The cards in this picture are a combination of Valentine cards, Birthday cards, some InCoWriMo cards, and a few postcards from Swap-bot. Swap-bot is a site where you can sign up for all kinds of mail swaps. This description is on their website: Swap-bot is a online service…

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The Great Christmas Card Experiment of 2018 (Part 2)

postcards with stamps

I loved this experiment and thought the cards turned out wonderfully! Between the holiday Washi tapes, the fun Christmas stamps and some decorative holiday stickers – they all worked together to make the postcards festive and personal. (In Part I of this blog series I showed how I created the cards.) I didn’t have a…

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Roatan Post Office

In February of this year we went to Roatan, Honduras for a winter getaway. I had never heard of the island of Roatan before discussing this vacation with our friends. “Who goes to the Honduras for vacation?” I recall asking. They explained that Roatan is an island off the coast of Honduras that is renowned…

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Edward Gorey #26

Here is the final entry in the Edward Gorey postcard collection from the 2011 postcard calendar book. I’ve enjoyed sharing these cards and sending them to unsuspecting recipients. “A future unremembered poet of the seventeenth century accepts a Christmas cookie from the Great Veiled Bear.”  I like the winter theme of this card. And who…

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Postcard Giveaway from Chewy Tulip

Chewy Tulip donated a set of 5 Evergreen postcards to the recent giveaway, but somebody (me) neglected to add them to the monthly giveaway. So this package of cards will have its own giveaway. I will even include five $.29 stamps. Woo-Hoo! Contest is open to all and will end at midnight on 12/23/11. Just…

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Edward Gorey #20

Welcome to Edward Gorey #20. Only four cards remain from this postcard collection book for 2011. This card is from the Blue Aspic about Ortenzia Caviglia, an unknown opera understudy who gets a lucky break when the opera diva goes missing. Since I’ve recently received some unexpected and fun mail from the Call for Correspondents…

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