Letter Writing to the Rescue

illustration of letter writing with an image just showing hands, pen, paper

Even for an introvert, too much time stuck at home can be a problem. What to do with all of this time? For me, the answer is to write more letters, to write about writing letters, to organize said letters, and to find new uses for old letters. No matter how you say it, it’s…

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Creative Letter Series: The Shipping Tag Letter

mini mailbox with tag letter

I believe there are hundreds of different ways to send a letter. Consider used envelopes, outdated flyers, free ad cards, magazine and calendar pages. You get the idea. In this missive Annie used manila shipping tags to write her letter. In addition, she used rubber stamps to write Dear Jackie and Your Friend, Annie. She…

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InCoWriMo 2020

pen, ink, letter on wooden desk with mail slots

February is International Correspondence Writing Month. The challenge is to embrace letter writing by writing and sending a card, letter, or postcard every day for the month of February. You can create a list of people to send to or follow the recommendations of someone else’s challenge, such as the one featured on the Goulet…

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April is National Letter Writing Month

card, stamps, coffee

April is National Letter Writing Month. How are you honoring this tradition? My guess is that for those who write letters, it won’t matter what month it is (although it’s always nice to having something you enjoy be honored or nationally recognized). And for those who don’t write letters, it also doesn’t matter what month…

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My Writing Area (all cleaned up)

One of the features of Letters & Journals website will be a photo gallery of people’s writing areas. I would expect there to be at least three categories: 1. Famous Desks & Writing Areas 2. Reader’s submissions of their photos 3. Illustrations/photos of dream writing areas, desks, rooms to encourage the writing muse Can you…

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When You Write a Letter

The friendly letter, according to this book, “…need not be written today; its composition may be deferred tomorrow or next week, or to that pleasant and indefinite future when we plan to accomplish all things worthy and worth while; it is the letter we write because it gives us pleasure to do so, or more…

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Writing Areas

Do you enjoy seeing or hearing about the writing areas of other people? I know I do! Desks like the one in this picture can be calming, inspiring and charming. Letters & Journals will have a department devoted to this topic. The magazine will feature pictures of writing areas as maintained in famous people’s houses…

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Letters & Journals Magazine Update

Here is the first look at the design for Letters & Journals, a quarterly print magazine celebrating the art and history of letter writing and journal keeping. We are still working out the details of the tagline that currently says Mail Art, Journals, Blogs, Handwritten Letters, Postcards, Notebooks and Diaries. We are deciding on which…

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Who Do You Write To?

The first question people ask when I tell them I’m starting a magazine on letter writing and journaling, is ” Does anyone write letters any more?” And when I assure them we do, their follow question is “Who do you write to?” The most common answers are friends, relatives and pen pals. Even with email…

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Some Survey Results for Letters & Journals

I’ve been watching the surveys come in for the letter writing and journal writing surveys that I’ve been conducting. I’m trying to gather additional information of what types of articles people want to see in the Letters & Journals magazine. I’ve gotten some great feedback and am taking copious notes for future articles and potential…

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