The Journal of My 59th Year

leatherbound journal

There are two ways of looking at being 59 (or any age) – as if it’s the end of the world or the beginning of one. We all know the alternative of aging so with that in mind, it’s best to adjust our perspective, find the grace and the gratitude in our current place in…

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My Mother’s Journals 1993-1999

stack of used journals

My mother was 50 years old when she began keeping a daily journal.journal She doesn’t mention in her journal why she began documenting her life in small town North Dakota, nor did she ever share or talk about this private ritual with me or my sister. It was after she died in 1999 that we…

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My Commonplace Book

spiral bound journal

For years I’ve kept a Commonplace Book, although I didn’t always call it that. A Commonplace Book is a collection of whatever you want to collect- notes, quotes, diary entries, scrapbook pages, ephemera, photos, snippets of stranger’s conversations – You get the idea. I began this book in March 2004 and I called it a…

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Happy New Year Wishes

Letters & Journals would like to send you wishes for a Happy New Year! If you would like this on a postcard, just contact me with your name and address. You can do this via email, twitter or the old fashioned way- a letter or postcard request sent to: Happy New Year, c/o Letters &…

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Winner of the World Gratitude Day Giveaway

Congratulations, Riftvegan! You are the winner of the Ecojot orange journal. I have sent an email to get your mailing address and get this package on its way to you! There were 11 comments at the Letters & Journals‘ website and 12 comments on the Letters & Journals‘ blog, plus 4 who left comments on…

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Journals Made From Vintage Books

Some journals are better than others. We each have our own demands, expectations or quirks about what we expect in our journals. A common requirement is that journals lie flat. Having writing paper that is smooth is another. That makes me pleased to introduce Ex Libris Anonymous Book Journals. These spiral bound journals lie flat…

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