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Like many of my fellow stationery addicts, I collect stationery wherever I go. Stores, garage sales, letterhead from old jobs, and, of course, hotels.

My favorite is the Forman Implement Company. I only have one sheet of this so I protect it and copy it on nice resume paper when I want to use it (not often).

Next is my assortment of hotel stationery. I collect this and use it frequently. Mostly I stay in the Hilton family of hotels so I tend to have a lot of their stationery. I won’t bother showing all that I have as they are pretty much the same, just a different city.

The following stationery is from Ireland. We spent just one night in Bantry at the Bantry House & Garden. I was hoping for a castle, but this country manor was as close as got. The view was breathtaking.

Maybe you’d prefer to see a picture of the hotel rather than the nondescript stationery.

Naturally I do have stationery that is not hotel related. Next time I will do a post on that.

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  1. Molly and the Princess on July 6, 2011 at 12:51 pm

    I too take home a sample of hotel stationery – maybe I will show sometime on Show Me Your Stationery! The hotel in Bantry looks beautiful – Cork is a lovely spot.
    Thanks for taking part in my blog link up!

  2. theanamumdiary on July 8, 2011 at 7:49 pm

    I also, take the a sheet of the stationary in a hotel,or sometimes one of the little notepads that are by the bed. But since I've had children, I'm afraid it always is passed on to my eldest. Sometimes I write a letter from there, to my family. I've never had one back ;( LOL

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