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There is always someone who could benefit from a letter. Thankfully there are many of us in the world who enjoy writing and sending them. Sometimes we have plenty of people to write to and at other times there doesn’t seem to be enough.

That’s where websites and organizations like The World Needs More Love Letters (MLL) comes in to save the day.  MLL is a global community writing and mailing letters to people in need all over the world. Since their start in 2011, they have mailed hundreds of thousands of letters to over 70 countries and all 50 states. MLL takes requests throughout the year from a friend or loved one sharing the plight of someone they know going through a particularly tough time. Letters are sent to the friend/loved one and then hand-delivered by them to the recipient in need of good cheer.

You can sign up for their monthly newsletter sending out requests for letters that month, or visit their website for more information.

In the month of December they have a special campaign to spread the word about MLL and help 12 lucky recipients such as MaryAnn, who you can read about below. If you feel the nudge to send some uplifting words, a drawing, or a quote, please do so.


MaryAnn is currently facing difficult circumstances. A friend of hers has reached out to us (MLL) and requested some encouragement for her. They shared:

“MaryAnn was formerly a Methodist Minister, preschool teacher, and deaf education teacher. She is in her 40s and has always been single. Thirteen years ago, she decided to share her life by adopting a baby with special needs. Knowing that the road would always be uphill, MaryAnn nonentheless gave her love, time, and money to a baby daughter who is now in middle school. During this, MaryAnn also took care of her aging mother who had lung cancer. Life for MaryAnn has not been easy, especially for a single person with no one to lean on.

As the years passed, MaryAnn’s mother died and her daughter has grown. Now, MaryAnn is experiencing her own health issues and needs support. She had a headache for a period of time that progressed into a stroke, and presently, MaryAnn has had to live in an assisted living facility. She has had to give up care of her daughter and learn to care for herself again. The road back from a stroke is one that takes drive and persistence. MaryAnn needs uplifting support to keep a positive attitude so she will have a future.  Her life is going to be different and she needs encouragement to see that there is a different, but good future ahead of her.”

Please join us in penning encouragement + hope to MaryAnn.

MaryAnn’s bundle

℅ Patty B.

1348 S. Knoxville Ave

Tulsa OK 74112


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