Postcard from Russia

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This postcard from Russia is a perfect depiction of what I imagine Moscow to look like. Trading postcards through Postcrossing has been a phenomenal experience. You can get them as often as you like and are willing to send them, as you have to send one to receive one.

At the first level you sign up to send cards to whatever addresses are assigned to your account. You also receive cards from random countries each time one of your sent cards gets registered.

But on the next level you can sing up for the Forums on Postcrossing and choose to do tags, trades, notebooks, round robins, pen pals, postcards art, fan clubs and more. If you don’t see one you were looking for, you can always start your own swap. If this is new to you then you should spend some time reading through what other people are doing here so you can understand what the expectations are, the lingo and how things work.

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  1. Anne in Oxfordshire on November 29, 2009 at 3:07 pm

    Hi I found you over on Britt-Arnilds blog, where she has added you into her post and invited us to come over to you 🙂

    I found this postcard post very interesting..Britt-arnild sent me a handwritten letter and a beautiful postcard a while ago, and I posted about it on my blog, and from there on lots of my readers have been sending me cards from either where they live on from holidays. This week I have had 4, only written about two at the moment. 1 was from Verona, 1 switzerland, 1 Liverpool in the UK and the other New Jersey..!

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