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One of the biggest benefits I get from managing this blog is reading related articles that talk about all kinds of things I enjoy: letters, notebooks, postcards, stamps, journals, pens, planners, etc.

Although I enjoy seeing this type of thing on other blogs, I’ve been reluctant to include one. My thinking was that a lot of people who read my blog already follow many of the same blogs I do. But maybe they don’t. I know I’m always finding new bloggers in this pen and papery sphere of interest.  
Craft Recycled: Junk Mail Stationery by Green Upgrader
Inspiration Books by Cappuccino and Art Journal
Renegade Craft Fair (Part 1) by Curbside Treasure
The Post that Was by Dante’s Wardrobe
Save the B. Free Franklin Post Office by Letter Writer
A Stamp a Day Beyond the Perf (USA Philatelic)
Index-Card-A-Day (ICAD) Prompts by Daisy Yellow
What is this thing called a “zine”? by Everyday Should Be a Red Letter Day
“S’Mother: The Story of a Man, His Mom, and the Thousands of Altogether Insane Letters She’s Mailed Him.” Book by Adam Chester
“Stieglitz and O’Keeffe: Their Love and Life in Letters” by NPR

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  1. PamelaArtsinSF on July 29, 2011 at 3:46 pm

    Happy to see the link to my blog and know you enjoyed the post about my Inspiration Books. Thanks, Jackie.

  2. Molly and the Princess on July 30, 2011 at 10:36 am

    I'm delighted you posted this – some I know but some I don't so looking forward to exploring. I love Alfred Stieglitz's photographs of Georgio O'Keefe, but didn't know that their letters had been published, so I'm delighted to have read about that an the excerpts.

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