Observer’s Notebooks

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 Notebooks for visual thinkers.

That’s the premise of these unique notebooks published by Princeton Architectural Press. These notebooks, the first in a new series (to be followed by Observer’s Notebook: Weather in spring), went on sale October 4th.

First up is the Astronomy Notebook (Amazon / Publisher  / B&N) This sturdy, cloth-bound journal is filled with stunning images and a variety of journal pages- grid, lined, graphs, charts. You have to see it to appreciate it!

Below is the Observer’s Notebook for Trees (Amazon / Publisher / B&N). You can use this journal for “… recording notes, observations, measurements and dreams, or simply for reflecting on the beauty of the planet’s longest-living, grandest organisms.” Or you can use it to fill any of your journaling needs with colorful tree diagrams and illustrations as background and, possibly, inspiration.

Next is the Grids & Guides, a slightly smaller journal with eight distinctive grid designs and ledger table pages.
Below are a variety of page layouts in the books. Love the original and different layouts for all kinds of fun uses.


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