My Pandemic Journal

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I began keeping a Pandemic Journal on March 13 after seeing a recommendation on Twitter.  I selected a red Leuchterm1917 journal that I had on hand. I love the smooth pages, the heftiness, dual page markers, pocket folder in back, the rounded corners, and the dotted lines. This journal measures 5.75 x 8.25 inches.

red journal cover with gray pencil next to itThings I put in my journal include:

  • Tracking cases and lives lost
  • What I’m seeing in my community
  • My fears and concerns
  • How our life has changed
  • Store openings/closings
  • Notes of people I know who have Covid-19 or were tested for it
  • Things I’ve lost or missed due to the pandemic (trips, events, connections with friends)
  • Newspaper headlines (historic unemployment rates, stimulus checks, news in other countries)

journal page with writing and printouts

Who knows what things will look like when we come out the other side of the Covid-19 pandemic. Headlines are one thing, but as we find from being at home so much, the days blend together and it’s hard to remember what happened when. I have a daily journal where I write a few lines of what is going on in our lives. Before the pandemic, I could usually do this at the end of the week by looking at my day planner to see what went on. Now I have found that to remember and capture the events/thoughts/etc of the day, I need to write things down daily.

This article appeared recently in the Washington Post: Aging in Place: Many of us feel way older than we did just weeks ago. I resonated with much of what was described. Maybe you will too.

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