My New Favorite Pen – The Pilot Multiball

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I have a new favorite pen that I purchased through JetPens. I always order a few of my trusted favorites and then one or two new, untried pens to get my total to $25 and enjoy the free shipping option.

I love a fine point and a generous flow of ink and the Pilot Multiball delivers on both counts! I had been using a Pentel Tradio Stylo Fountain Pen, which I still use and LOVE, but the Tradio is scratchier and seems to me more delicate, which can be a good thing and is part of what makes it a special pen for me.

But at $1.65 the Pilot Multiball is more of a good, everyday pen.

You can see the fine point of the pen in these pictures. The flow of the ink is constant and effortless and soft, almost like a creamy drawing pencil with a deep, rich flow.

This pen comes in blue, green and red (as well as black) so I will plan to have the full assortment of colors in my stash of stationery treasures.


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  1. titancia on May 27, 2015 at 4:50 pm

    I love ordering from JetPens! Have you tried the Mach 3 yet? It comes in a host of colors, but my favorite is brown. The pen writes so smoothly, which I love because I have carpal tunnel, so the less I have to press down when I write, the easier it is on my write. It's a thin, roller ball pen, and the only one I regret purchasing is the Flash Yellow. I don't know what in the world anyone would use it for–it doesn't show up on any paper I've tried it on yet!

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