My Commonplace Book

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For years I’ve kept a Commonplace Book, although I didn’t always call it that. A Commonplace Book is a collection of whatever you want to collect- notes, quotes, diary entries, scrapbook pages, ephemera, photos, snippets of stranger’s conversations – You get the idea.

I began this book in March 2004 and I called it a Textbook for Life. You can tell from the photo above that the book has been around the block, so to speak, as the spiral binding is not in great shape.

page of a notebook

Inside I have quotes, obituaries of classmates, goals, how-to’s, illustrations, copies of articles, mind maps, lists, doodles, poems, things I’ve learned, things that inspire me, etc.

page of spiral notebook

There is no right or wrong way to keep a Commonplace Book. The book is as individual as you. As are your reasons for keeping one. I created mine to have a repository of things I wanted to save and learn, but not necessarily journal about.

page of a notebook

page of a notebook with colored ink

Below are a couple links of how others use a Commonplace Book.

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Do you have a Commonplace Book or something like it?

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