My 2021 Erin Condren Planner

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I fell in love with the Erin Condren (EC) planner in 2018 when I ordered my very first one. Because I like to switch things up, I went with Saint Belford (SB) planner in 2019, and then back to EC in 2020. In June of this year, I wrote a mid-year update and at that time I thought I would most likely return to the SB planner, but since then I did some research and I see that the EC looks like it will return to having the monthly tab open to the month, which is what I missed most in my 2020 planner and wrote about here.

Here is my 2021 planner. The image shows the calendar beginning in September, but I am a traditionalist (not a student) and my calendar will be January through December.

Personalized DayplannerAt the beginning of 2020, I initially missed the faux leather binder that held my SB planner, and was pretty sure I was going to return to using the SB in 2021. But as I used my EC planner in 2020, I was reminded how much I enjoy the heavy coil binding, the personalization, the design with it’s easy to find monthly tabs, and how it can fold over and lie flat. I also like that the monthly overview and weekly highlights are together in the EC planner and not separated as they are in the SB planner with the 12 monthly views as the beginning of the planner and then inside each month is later in the planner. I like having the overview and detailed pages together.

What I love about the SB planner was the faux leather binder (the compendium), the pen/pencil holder, the pockets for business cards, and some of the monthly pages. I love the Retro Grey color of the compendium which also comes in Ruby Red and Champaign Pink.

The team at Saint Belford, based in Australia, also offers free downloadable resources found on their Free Resources page.

What planner is calling to you for 2021?

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