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The letter writing goodness keeps spreading as I received this gem in this week’s mail as part of International Correspondence Writers’ Month (InCoWriMo). I’m inspired by the envelope and in love with the handmade paper she used as stationery. You too? Who can blame you?

I plan to unplug for the majority of the upcoming week and dedicate myself to analog communication: letter writing, journaling, idea generation, diving deeper into existing ideas to see how I can best execute them, planning, dreaming, capturing my dreams on paper. All this with a pen and notebook (Maybe a few postcards and note cards too. A few colored pens and pencils. Maybe some whimsical rubber stamps. And fun postage stamps too.)

And what will you be doing this week?

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  1. Timdani on March 3, 2018 at 3:29 am

    How did your #inCoWriMo go this year?

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