Moleskin Weekly

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I love the Moleskin Weekly and have been using them the last few  years. In 2020 I used the Sapphire Blue one and for 2021 I will be using the Myrtle Green 5×8 Moleskin Weekly.

green moleskin weekly

On the left side in each date box, I write down highlights of what I did that day. And on the right hand side of the page, I can expand on events, thoughts, books, shows, feelings – whatever I feel like noting for that week. Sometimes it’s blank and other times I include additional information about an event – maybe something going on with a friend or in the world.

At the top left of each page, I note the shows/movies I’ve watched (usually one or two per week) as well as the books I spent some time with. I usually have 3-4 going at a time and this is a wonderful way to track throughout the year the books I’ve read.

I am not one to peruse through my old journals, but I will review this diary-like journal, and it’s nice to have them stacked by years where each year’s Moleskin is a different color, but they are all the same size.

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