Lovely Mail to Brighten My Day

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I have been fortunate to receive some unique and unexpected mail in the last few weeks. Back in December I received this lovely piece of mail from Pamela at Cappuccino & Art Journal. Pamela is such a talented and dedicated mail artist and I just love looking at her blog and seeing all of the mail eye candy that she posts. I will save for another post just what was in this artfully created envelope.

This unique Christmas card came in an envelope made of vellum. I received this in early December and plan to reuse the front of the holiday card next year as a holiday postcard.

Last, but not least, the most unique mail item of all. This letter has a unique postmark from St. George’s School and was sent by Ilona, aka, the Missive Maven. Ilona explained that the school had one day to use this commemorative postmark which was created in honor of the school’s 100 anniversary.

And there you have it. Some recent highlights of my mail box. Naturally each of these senders should be on the look out for something in return.


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  1. PamelaArtsinSF on January 9, 2012 at 1:52 am

    I'm looking out…..I am glad you are going to post what was IN the envelope since I can't remember…..happy 2012, Jackie! (oh wait…..I just remembered…..)

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