Letters and Change

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It’s hard to imagine that there are people who don’t love new stationery and a good pen. It just fills my heart with joy when I can spend an afternoon or evening writing letters using the tools that I love. And with some stationery, I am reluctant to use the last piece as it means that the warm glow I get when I see it will no longer be a possibility.

I get this same feeling when I use the last of a favorite stamp, postcard or note card. It seems irrational, yet there it is. Minor in the scheme of life, I know. How lucky we are when we can notice and care about the little things in our lives.

I have a friend dealing with the affects of cancer and its treatment, as another friend goes through the loss of her sister. One friend is going through the intense trials of managing the cascading effects of change to the lives of her ill and aging parents while another deals with the fear and uncertainty to her life when her son joined the army. No less is the loss of a pet as Missive Maven is experiencing with the death of Memo. Or the sudden and unexpected loss of a job for a pen pal who is a single income household and recently purchased a new home.

Trust me when I say I appreciate the moment of my life right now when it is not buffeted by illness, death and catastrophic change.

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  1. Speck on March 27, 2011 at 7:58 pm

    Having gone through most of the trials and tribulations you've listed, Hubby and I add a hearty "Amen!" to your final statement.

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