Letter Writing 101

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Finding things to do while staying home can be a challenge. But if you’re looking for something to do while reaching out and helping someone else feel less alone, then writing a letter is your absolute best bet!

hands holding envelope surrounded by stamps and stationery

No fancy tools or exotic supplies needed, although if you have them, now is the time to use them!

Pen, paper, envelope, stamp. (You can even skip the envelope and just fold your paper to act as its own envelope as long as it meets the minimum size for mailing: 3-1/2 inches high x 5 inches long.)

What to write about?

Often people struggle with what to say. Not so with a worldwide pandemic. The topic practically lends itself to be the main topic of conversation.

Other topics include:

  • Weather
  • Pets (yours or theirs)
  • Hobbies (yours or theirs)
  • TV/Music/Books
  • Cute/Funny story
  • Current events
  • Favorite or funny childhood memory

Things you can include, which will also give you something to write about if you want to reference it. Nothing needs to be included but if you’re struggling to know what to say, then writing about your enclosure is a good starting point.

  • Article (newspaper, magazine, blog printout)
  • Cartoon*
  • Poem
  • Picture*
  • List of books you’ve read with commentary on each if you’d like
  • List of shows you’ve binge-watched

Stay away from religion, politics, and anything depressing.

*Cartoon – When I was on Facebook I often would see funny cartoons/memes that I would copy into a Word document which I would fill with other cartoons, quotes, inspirational photos, etc. Then I would print those pages and cut them out to use in junk journals, letter enclosures, regular journals, etc. Now that I’m not on Facebook, I don’t come across as many, however, Twitter and Instagram do provide some fodder for my entertainment.

Here’s a recent one I found on Twitter:

*Picture – So many options!

  • The best one you’ve ever taken
  • A picture of the recipient that maybe they have never seen (make it complimentary to them, not embarrassing or unflattering)
  • View from your front door or back door
  • Garden, birds, yard, nature
  • A place you’ve recently visited
  • Something in your phone’s camera you’d like to share
  • An old photo you think they’d find interesting for whatever reason

If you need supplies check out Etsy stores online for stationery, JetPens for writing instruments, and the US Post Office for postage stamps.

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