Journal Keeping in Times of Change

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It is March 2020 and we are in the midst of a pandemic and have no idea how things will turn out. The fear and uncertainty is overwhelming. Even just managing through the constant changes and challenges can take their toll. Venues closing. Stores out of stock. New concepts being introduced: self isolation and self distancing.

On Twitter last week, I came across Shane Landrum’s (@cliotropic) tweet on keeping a journal. On March 13 I started mine.



I wanted this journal to be specific to what I’m seeing and experiencing regarding the pandemic. I found a Leuchtturm 1917 journal I started in 2019 to use as a bullet journal, but stopped using when I wasn’t finding my bullet-journaling groove. I picked up where that left off which is about 1/5 way through the book. In addition to my notes, I also include printouts of relevant tweets, headlines, photos, quotes, etc.

This one is in addition to my other two journals – one where I think things through and map out ideas (generic hard cover spiral journal with large pages), and the other weekly journal (Moleskin Classic 18-month weekly) where I jot a few lines about each day and then the week as a whole, including books I read (or listened to) and movies I watched.

What type of journal do you keep?

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