InCoWriMo Day 2

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Day 1 of InCoWriMo is complete.  Now on to Day 2.

For the first day, I had selected a letter from my 2020 /21  basket of received letters from InCoWriMo and (only on Facebook currently as a closed group). I have also put together a basket of note cards, stationery, and postcards that I can select depending on my mood and time availability.

basket of stamped mail

Day 2 is 2-22-22 so I’m planning to send out a handful of cards and letters to get postmarked with this unique date.

I always have stamps on hand so that’s not an issue. I even put together a shoebox of old photos that I can pick one to include and talk about in some of my outgoing missives. The photos contain a variety of non-people images that evoke memories and experiences I can share in my longer letters.

Currently I have just the right amount of regular correspondents so I’m not seeking new regulars, but I love sending occasional mail and I love receiving surprise mail (seriously, who doesn’t?!) and InCoWriMo is a fun challenge.

Although I do like to plan for one piece of mail a day some days tend to have more hours available for letter writing and some days do not, so my challenge is to send 28 pieces of mail (or more) in the month of February.

I am tracking how many go out each day and how many come in. Last year I received a lot because I posted early on the InCoWriMo site and many people saw my listing. This year I didn’t make a listing as I plan to reach out to the ones I heard from last year. (I had responded to each of them when I received their mail in 2021.) This is just a re-connection – saying ‘hello’ and wishing them well. Also, last year I did not do a good job tracking all of the ones that came in and was surprised as the month went on how many I had received. Previous years were not nearly as busy – maybe 1 or 2.

What are you doing for InCoWriMo?

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  1. Fonda Rush on February 8, 2022 at 9:31 pm

    I’m glad I found out about the group from you! It is now the 8th, and I will write my 8th letter this evening while my wife grades papers. It’s our nightly time together. We don’t talk much, because we are engrossed in our tasks. I’ve received one letter, and I hope I get more, especially from overseas. That would be nice. I’m sending some overseas, too. I had to get a bunch of stamps from the post office. The first post office didn’t have any, so I had to go to a second! Thanks for the head’s up!

  2. Phyllis Moore on June 3, 2022 at 12:46 am

    I’m not a letter person, thought I think it’s a great idea. Letter writing is becoming a lost art.
    My contact list is in social media. I get to reach out to a variety of people around the world. Some have be come internet buddies.

    There are so many people I wish I could visit in person and have them introduce me to their country. I fear that may never happen.

    But there are a few local people, in Minnesota, America, and Canada that would be nice to meet.

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