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This is the calendar I plan to use for my InCoWriMo 2023 mail. I decided to write the outgoing mail names in the calendar spaces and the incoming mail (InCoWriMo only) in the lined area on the left.

February 2023 calendar page

For a successful InCoWriMo experience, it helps to plan ahead. Get your supplies. Start your list of who you plan to write to. Topics to write about (books, recent outings, favorite things to do, something I learned recently, a photo with an explanation, fave movie or current tv show). Have a way to track incoming and outgoing mail.My first year I wouldn’t have had any names to enter in the Incoming Mail section and last year I would have had more names than would fit. Most years it’s somewhere in between.

My goal is to send 28 pieces of mail in February including birthday and valentine cards. If I miss a day I’ll send two the next.

If you’d like to use this same calendar, leave a comment or send me an email (or a postcard or letter) and I will email you a copy. See the CONTACT ME section of this website for my email and my mailing address. Or you can leave a comment in this blog post – although you may not want to leave your email there.

19 days and counting until InCoWriMo begins. I will most likely send my first piece or two the last week of January so that people who are participating can begin receiving mail earlier in the month. I have noted others doing this when I’ve received their InCoWriMo in the first few days of February.

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