InCoWriMo 2023 is Year 10!

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Happy Times ahead! The month of February is InCoWriMo!

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What is InCoWriMo, you ask? International Correspondence Writing Month, of course. Their website says this is year 10! Happy Anniversary! This is the seventh time for me.

To participate you can leave your mailing info in a comment (It will be published after being approved). Read some of the others to get a sense of what people are writing. Or you can select people to whom to write and send mail to other participants. Some people challenge themselves to send a letter or postcard a day while others vary their participation.

You can also send to others who would appreciate mail who are not participating in this online challenge. No need to mention it unless you want to. Some ideas include:

  • Sick or elderly friend or relative
  • Teen or child who could use an encouraging ‘hello!’
  • Facebook group ‘From the Heart’ (encouraging and uplifting seniors and vets through cards)
  • From Me to You: Inspiring people to write letters to those with cancer (UK)

February is a great month for a letter (postcard or notecard) a day because it’s only 28 days. Also, it’s my birth month so I love to see my mailbox surprise me with expected and unexpected/fun mail.

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