I Love this New Ink (J. Herbin Orange Indien)

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Imagine my delight when I found the package containing this J. Herbin Orange Indien ink from Karen at Exaclair!  I only have a few bottles of ink (2 Levenger and 1 Private Reserve) so I don’t have a lot to compare it to, but I must say that I was impressed. I have been wanting an orange ink for a few months, but never took the time to place an order. I don’t know that I would have ordered J. Herbin as I was kind of looking at getting a Noodler brand this time. This was the perfect color- a burnt orange. Not too bright and not too brown.
I decided to use my black Levenger True Writer (fine) with this ink and was pleased at the regular flow and the consistency of color. Usually when I write with fountain pens and ink, the color changes from light to dark as I adjust to the flow of ink in the pen. Maybe I’m just getting better but the consistency was very good. There was no bleed-through on the notebook paper I used (sorry, this new journal was a gift and there is no brand name on it. All it says is ‘World of Journals’ on the inside back cover. But I can tell you it is a smooth lined ivory colored paper not exceptionally thick or thin).
I recently read the review on another of J. Herbin’s inks over at Inkophile’s blog. This is the new 1670 ink and I just love the package and the bottle. Inkophile gave it a very good review and I am sold!
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  1. girlzoot on April 8, 2010 at 8:22 pm

    I adore orange inks, and have far too many as it stands currently, this one looks lovely though, very welcoming.

  2. Greg on April 10, 2010 at 2:20 pm

    I received a free bottle from Karen's giveaway too.

    I had tried OI in the past, and found it too washed out. However, I may have gotten a bad bottle (then.)

    I filled my Bexley (Zoss edition, with a reground CI nib,) and the color is great. Orange Indien and Perle Noire are my favorite Herbin inks.


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