Highlights from the Scooby Doo Stamp Release Ceremony

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Highlights from the Scooby Doo Stamp Release ceremony last Saturday at the Mall of America include getting a free envelope with a canceled Scooby stamp ready to mail (or save), a Scooby Doo pin, and an agenda for the stamp release ceremony.

Ceremony Agenda

Stamped envelope with ScoobyDoo cancellation and commemorative pin

Stamps from the USPS were available for purchase along with pre-cancelled envelopes in color or in black-and-white Scooby cancellations.

Since this was my first time at a First Day of Issue ceremony, I wasn’t sure what to expect and didn’t realize that I could have brought my own postcards or envelopes to have them hand-cancelled after putting one of my brand new Scooby Doo stamps on them. So I stopped at a store that sold some Minnesota postcards and purchased a dozen of them that I could send out to friends, relatives and pen pals.

The friendly postal worker in line in front of me had a wonderful t-shirt that she allowed me to photograph. Don’t you love it?!

These lovely ladies were hand-cancelling the envelopes and postcards that people bought.

Here are four of the postcards I purchased and then put on a Scooby stamp and had them canceled by the two ladies shown above.

Here’s the stage where the official ceremony took place. There were quite a few photographers on hand although I’m not sure who they were all with.
 And here I am with Scooby himself. Smile!


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