Help for Times Like These

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Worldwide unrest is causing fear and angst in many of us. In these unprecedented times, we are all affected and we are all concerned. We may feel lost, helpless, hopeless, afraid. The stress and uncertainty affects all areas of our lives- health, finances, relationships, spirituality, education, creative expression, disruption to routines, disruption to services, disruption to life.

planet earth surrounded by viruses

At times like these we are not looking to move forward, but instead are looking just to survive- to avoid falling in the gaping pit of miasma.

Many are lonely.



Facing health challenges.

Feeling unloved.

Worried for loved ones.

Scared for those of color by those in power.

It’s time to find a way out.

Write.Sing. Paint. Build. Draw. Move. Cook. Clean. Plant. Walk. Run. Dance. Pray. Connect with nature. Dream. Stargaze. Uplift someone else. Start making plans for a better time. Find a cause. Align what you do with what you believe. Write a letter. Create a list of uplifting movies, quotes, books, songs, images, people you admire, your dreams for the future; and watch, do, and listen to what warms your heart.

girl in yellow shirt writing in a journal, sitting at a desk

Consider taking breaks from Facebook or any social media that finds you getting angry, sad, or frustrated when you spend too much time in that space. The more you think you need it, the more you may need to let it go.

Just for this moment, be content.  Just for this moment let go of what is keeping you a prisoner. Just for this moment imagine the future as you want it to be. Relish in that feeling and then take a step toward it. It might be too much to change the world, but we can certainly make tiny ripples by starting where we are with what we have.

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