Halloween Stamps

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Halloween is a great time to send mail – cute cards and fun stamps! I recently received these five stamps from Errol Murphy in Texas who sells older/unused stamps at face value. He doesn’t always have certain ones on hand, but he tries to honor requests for specific stamps. These Classic Movie Monster stamps were released in 1997.

classic movie monster pane of usa postage stamps

The Spooky Silhouette stamps came out in 2019 and I still have a few of these on hand. I think you can still purchases these from the United States Postal Service online and in some post office locations.

The Day of the Dead stamps were released last month if this style is more your cup of tea.

The Jack0-Lantern stamps are fun too! I don’t know that you can find these anywhere since they were released in 2016. Possibly Errol would have some or you can pay the higher prices on Ebay or Etsy. Or, better yet, select one of the others that you can find.


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