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I came across this letter inside of a used book that I bought not too long ago. And earlier this year one of my pen pals sent a copy of a letter she also found in a used book that she got from Goodwill. Aren’t these fascinating these little glimpses into lives other than our own? And to see the letter as it was written, and not a typed facsimile, just adds to the mystery.

In this case, the writer used colorful handmade paper for the first page and speckled white paper for the second page (not shown). She talks about making the stationery in her first paragraph:

Hello Dearest Christie,

Carlin is napping, so I got his paints out just for fun for me and Frank. It is very satisfying and relaxing. I don’t like the way this turned out. I need to get the real primary colors, but it was fun in process. I’ve been doing a Waldorf play group with Carlin, which is wonderful. All the materials they use seem to come from Germany. The paints, the toys, etc. It does make a huge difference using the high-quality, all natural materials.

It was wonderful coming across this colorful missive. learning about the letter writer (female, creative, has a child, in a relationship, foreign (I think, based on how she phrased some of her conversation), recipient is a female). And also wondering about all of the missing information? When was this written? Where did it go? Where is she from? How did the letter end up here?

Do you have any found letters? If so, how did they come to cross your path? What did you do with them. I’ve kept this one in my stationery box because once I found it, I knew I would have a blog entry about it. I don’t know what I’ll do with it now- probably put it back in the box with my other letters.

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  1. Britt-Arnhild on December 19, 2009 at 3:22 pm

    What a lovely treat. Thanks for telling about it.

  2. Christina E. Rodriguez on December 23, 2009 at 9:32 pm

    Wow, what a find! I feel for both the letter writer and for Christie. The miscarriage is sad news; too bad the letter never found its way to her.

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