Finding Old Journals

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I found a forgotten box of old journals and notebooks that have been languishing unremembered and unused in the back of my closet. Some of these journals were still new (unused) and some had writing in them.

I especially like the Decomposition Notebook, ‘Deep Stretch’ with the scuba divers stretching in an assortment of positions. I purchased that notebook at Barnes & Noble for $8. The yellow notebook is a Circa Notebook from Levenger. I love, love, love the Tweety bird yellow color and have used this journal for notes at meetings.

Next to that is a TUL version (white) of the Circa notebook with pages that can be easily added and removed.

The Thomas Kinkaid spiral bound notebook I’ve had for over 10 years, possibly even 15 years. There are lined pages divided by three pocket folder pages with pockets on both the front and the back. I love the image on here, but just have never found the proper use for this book with it’s pockets and lined pages. Possibly the best answer is to make it a junk journal-  fill the pockets with ephemeral goodness, cover the pages with art, ads, photos, etc and give to a paper-loving friend.

This is just a smattering of the excess notebooks I own. It’s like I can’t seem to help myself from looking at and purchasing new ones. Some get used. Many don’t. I have high hopes and plans when I purchase them, and yet, there they sit – unopened, unused. Like many things in life, figuring this out is a work in progress. I’ll keep you updated.

If you also deal with excess notebook syndrome, how do you manage it?

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