Edward Gorey #20

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Welcome to Edward Gorey #20. Only four cards remain from this postcard collection book for 2011.

This card is from the Blue Aspic about Ortenzia Caviglia, an unknown opera understudy who gets a lucky break when the opera diva goes missing.

Since I’ve recently received some unexpected and fun mail from the Call for Correspondents at the Good Mail Day blog, I will send this card to someone from there.


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  1. Col on October 24, 2011 at 5:35 am

    Hi Jackie
    I still love your blogs, but what a relief to read that you've almost reached the end of your 'Gorey' collection. I'm no artist or critic, but find his drawings spooky, miserable and not at all funny. I've no idea who the artist was and have no intention of finding out as I'm sure others might love him as much as you do. Let's hope that whatever you choose to follow him will be more colourful, more fun and will not go on aND ON AND ON …. like this series seems to have done.
    Still love ya tho.
    Col [UK]

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