Edward Gorey Postcards #21 and #22

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I love the night sky eyes in this Edward Gorey postcard #21. 

Dracula and Lucy
And since I am just a bit behind, below you will see postcard #22 for the weeks of 10/31 and 11/7. The three characters here are from the collection called The Black Doll. Admittedly, this illustration is not one of my favorites.
There was a comment recently that the person will be glad when this series of postcards is done as they are not enjoying them at all. I would feel the same way if I liked a blog, but not a series of posts or illustrations they were featuring. I was glad that the person spoke up as it’s nice to hear what people are thinking when they read your blog. Usually we just hear from the people who like it, so it’s refreshing to get other input. Thank you. (We’re almost done.)
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