Desks and Maps and Letter Cubbies

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We were in Bovey, MN not too long ago which has a cafe + antique store with rooms of stuff for sale. Unfortunately, what I really wanted was this letter cubbie with all those slots for mail, notes, stamps, postcards; but it wasn’t for sale. Isn’t it perfect?

That sent me to Pinterest where I looked for ideas on creating my own – or looking to find ideas on how to get one.

The photo below came from the Eclectic Home Tours blog found via Pinterest, because when you do a search for “vintage desk”, you find some awesome stuff. Behold!

This next one is credited to Home DIT and is part of the 21 Cool Tips to Steampunk Your Home. There is no cubbie, but the chair, desk, lamp and wall map make for an appealing office setting.

What does your dream desk/office look like? Do you have a letter cubbie to organize all your mail? Send pictures!

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  1. Sarah on September 13, 2015 at 1:36 am

    Those cubbies are so great! At the moment I'm refinishing my desk, so I'm keeping my stuff in the drawers stacked under an odd desk I'm borrowing. After I get the desk finished, my plan is to take the vintage P. O. Box fronts my sister got me into a shelf with cubbies, and keep my mail there-like having my own Post Office! If I ever get it done…there'll be photos on my blog!

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