Day 1 at the National Stationery Show

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What a great day! I got to the show about 10 a.m. and started an organized plan of attack to stick to one aisle at a time. The entire show is filled with such eye-catching and perfectly lovely displays, colors, cards, notebooks, stationery, pens and so on. I was here for the first time 5 years ago and what I learned from that was that I was easily distracted and could easily find myself going from aisle to aisle with no rhyme or reason. The next day it was hard to know where to begin so that I could visit new booths. This year I made a concerted effort to stick to one aisle at a time and not let myself be drawn to a pretty booth across the aisle until it was time to visit that aisle.

A modicum of self discipline is helpful.

Some of the super friendly people I met today include: Emily Carter at Peppertree Design, Rebecca Jay at Dodo-Pad, Erika Firm at Delphine Press. and the nice people at Gwen Frostic. Emily, Rebecca and Erika are all on twitter also, so I am following them there as well. If you have a twitter account (or even if you don’t) you can do a search to see all of the discussions about the NSS.

You can do this by going to the bottom of any Twitter page and clicking on the word ‘search’ and then entering #NSS (you must have the pound sign followed by NSS) and that will display a page of the most recent discussions that used the term NSS. You can use the pound sign to search for any key term that you want to find out more about. Don’t use the ‘find people’ search that is at the top of every Twitter page. That search is used more for when you know the name of the person you want to find. My Twitter name is Jafferty.

Thanks. Stay tuned for more news and pics tomorrow of the National Stationery Show. One thing I did not do today was write down the names and numbers of the booths where I took pictures, so I didn’t want to include too many without being able to give them credit. Tomorrow I will do better. See you then!

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