A Visit to the Vale Typewriter Shop (Minneapolis)

storefont of typewriter shop

I wasn’t using any of my three typewriters very much, so I recently decided that it wasn’t just a new ribbon that the two manual typewriters needed, but a good cleaning. I found a shop about 30 minutes away that does typewriter cleaning and repair. (My third typewriter is an Olivetti 900 X, which is…

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Typewriter Heaven

I sat down to write this blog and decided to type a little bit of it on my wonderful green Voss typewriter that I first blogged about last year. I haven’t had the typewriter out for quite awhile and it’s just been sitting quietly on a shelf in my office. I did use it to…

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Typewriter + Thank You Note = Happy

This This lovely typewritten note came to me last week as a thank you from Lily Greene. Lily, whose story was featured in a Letters and Journals newsletter article, collects postage stamps. I save most of the stamps from the mail I receive, so I sent her a few of the cute, funny or more…

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