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Bookstore Postcards

picture of the box set of 100 bookstore postcards

I hadn’t planned to get the World’s Greatest Bookstores: 100 Postcards Celebrating the Most Beloved Bookshops as I have so many postcards already. But when the set of 100 postcards went on sale for $10, how could I resist? Apparently, I couldn’t and now I am sending out more postcards than ever to justify my…

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State Fair Stamps & State Fair Postcards

Last week I wrote about my annual search for the newest postcard from the Minnesota State Fair. What I didn’t think to include was the 2019 release of the State & County Fair Stamps from the USPS this July. There are four images included on this sheet of 20 first class postage stamps. Here’s some…

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Roald Dahl Postcard Set

I recently purchased this collection of Roald Dahl Postcards on Amazon and am having fun sending cards to people of all ages. This set of 100 Phizz-Whizzing postcards was created and published by Penguin – Random House (UK) and sells for $16.97 on Amazon. Many of the illustrations, including the one on the cover of…

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Minnesota State Fair Postcards

Postcards from the Minnesota State Fair are fun to find! I make a point of finding the featured postcard which is created from a poster used to promote the fair. Each year they commission a new print from a different artist. Here is this year’s print and a link to artist info. Like any state…

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New Stamps for 2019

pictures of three new stamps coming out in 2019 dinosaur, muppets and halloween

Am I the only one who loves new stamps? No matter how many I have on hand, when the new ones come out, I find myself ordering more. I had a penpal recently mention that she loves the John Lennon stamps but she can’t bring herself to purchase any more because she has enough stamps…

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InCoWriMo Update

handmade postcard with cigar label, dictionary page, postage

February is International Correspondence Writing Month (InCoWriMo) in case you haven’t heard. Writing a letter (or a note or a postcard, really any kind of mail you send through the post will work) and I have been rocking it!  Every day I’m mailing something. Last week one of the pieces mailed was this postcard. Granted,…

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Old Postcard from North Dakota

One of the oldest pieces of mail I own is a postcard that was sent to my great-grandmother, Alma Olafson (below), before she married my great-grandfather, John Holen in 1912. This photo was taken in the 1950s. Alma was the recipient of the postcard below.   The front of the card has about an inch…

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Edward Gorey #26

Here is the final entry in the Edward Gorey postcard collection from the 2011 postcard calendar book. I’ve enjoyed sharing these cards and sending them to unsuspecting recipients. “A future unremembered poet of the seventeenth century accepts a Christmas cookie from the Great Veiled Bear.”  I like the winter theme of this card. And who…

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Edward Gorey #24

The 24th Edward Gorey postcard is a scene from The Doubtful Guest. There’s a short rhyme on the card that says: “It came seventeen years ago- and to this day it has shown no intention of going away.” The ‘it’ in question looks like a lonely malformed seal wearing tennis shoes or ice skates. And…

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Edward Gorey #23

The Edward Gorey postcard collection draws closer to the end with postcard #23 in the 2011 postcard book. Somewhere I must have missed a week as I only have two more after this one. R is for Raccoon Coat I’m in the process of mailing postcards to the people who kindly entered the mailbox contests…

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