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April is Letter Writing Month

pen, ink, letter on wooden desk with mail slots

Each month celebrates and promotes something. In April one of the somethings is Letter Writing. Unlike InCoWriMo in February where you’re encouraged to send a piece a mail each day, the more leisurely letter-writing month of April allows you to go at your own pace. Truth be told, I don’t need a celebration or holiday…

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Harry Potter Desk

While visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios this January, I came across this lovely desk sitting on its own in a hallway at Ollivanders (makers of fine wands). It was an unexpected surprise to find this solitary desk so appropriately staged with books and scrolls, pens and lamps and lots and…

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Desks and Maps and Letter Cubbies

We were in Bovey, MN not too long ago which has a cafe + antique store with rooms of stuff for sale. Unfortunately, what I really wanted was this letter cubbie with all those slots for mail, notes, stamps, postcards; but it wasn’t for sale. Isn’t it perfect? That sent me to Pinterest where I…

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Letter Links November 8

I thought some of you might enjoy these blog posts that talk about mail, post office, desks, writing space, lists,  and handmade journals (among other things). Enjoy! 10 ways to get more mail by 365 Letters Travel, Snow and Some Mail Art by Cappuccino Art Journal A Clean Desk Encourages Letter Writing by Missive Maven…

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