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The price of a regular size (4×6) postcard in the US went from .35 cents to .36 cents. Of course, the previous postcard stamps are still good since they are forever stamps (one of the benefits of having stamps be forever stamps. This is the trade-off we get by not having the face value of the stamp appear on it anymore).

four different barn stamps

I really like these stamps with their barn images and shaded coloring. They’re each different and distinct. Well done, USPS!

The coral reef stamps are OK, but it seemed like they were the only show in town for postcard postage for a long time.

four stamps, coral reefs, postcard postage

Luckily, I have a source who sells vintage (new/unused) stamps at face value so I like to get .33 cents to .44 cent stamps from him to utilize on my postcards. It’s fun to see the varied assortments he sends. His name is Errol Murphy and you can email him  at ELMurphy88 (at) icloud (dot) com for info if you’d like to purchase some stamps from him. I’ve been buying stamps from him for probably 10 years or more. He’s dependable and has a quick turnaround.

The new additional ounce (.20 cent) stamps are pretty cute. The image is a brush rabbit. Do you like it?

brush rabbit on stamp

Do you have favorite stamps?


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  1. Lori Kay on February 27, 2021 at 12:11 am

    That bunny stamp is so cute!

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