A Visit to the University of Minnesota Bookstore

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I love a bookstore that has an insane amount of notebooks and pens. Welcome to the University of Minnesota Bookstore (Minneapolis).

On the right we have a long aisle of notebooks – all sizes and bindings.This is one of the few places where you can buy a left-handed notebook.

On the backside of the same aisle are even more notebooks and some folders! The selection doesn’t get any better than this.

Notebooks are everywhere!
On the left we have an aisle of pens, pencils and markers. As a good pen store does, they have slips of paper available so that the pens can be sampled.
I must have spent two hours at the store. They do have quite a bit of other items for sale such as gift items, school clothing, etc. It’s a wonderfully laid out store with a wide selection of items. Index cards, anyone?
They also had some name brand notebooks including Rhodia, Moleskin Clairefontaine, and Leuchtturm1917.
Where do you find the best selection of pens and notebooks for brick and mortar stores?


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