Too Many Journals?

girl with glasses sitting at a table writing in a journal

Is there such a thing as too many journals? I currently have six that I write in on a fairly regular basis. How about you? Daily Journal – What we’re doing these days Book Journal – Tracking all the books I read and thoughts/recaps of some of them Covid-19 Journal – Started in April 2020,…

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InCoWriMo Calendar

February 2023 calendar page

This is the calendar I plan to use for my InCoWriMo 2023 mail. I decided to write the outgoing mail names in the calendar spaces and the incoming mail (InCoWriMo only) in the lined area on the left. For a successful InCoWriMo experience, it helps to plan ahead. Get your supplies. Start your list of…

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InCoWriMo 2023 is Year 10!

illustration of letter writing with an image just showing hands, pen, paper

Happy Times ahead! The month of February is InCoWriMo! What is InCoWriMo, you ask? International Correspondence Writing Month, of course. Their website says this is year 10! Happy Anniversary! This is the seventh time for me. To participate you can leave your mailing info in a comment (It will be published after being approved). Read…

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Winter Wonderland

snow on trees

We have had snow coming down for almost two days straight – big juice flakes! I feel like we’re living in a Winter Wonderland! However, the unfortunate news is that no mail was delivered on Tuesday, January 3 and it’s not looking good for today (Wednesday). I put outgoing postcards in the mailbox for pickup…

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