A Lovely Letter in My Mailbox

mailed envelope with calligraphy and christmas stamp

I received this unexpected delight in my mailbox recently. It was sent by Stefan from England. I just love the colors, the calligraphy, and the beautiful design. I took a calligraphy class years ago. I think we met for an hour once a week for four to six weeks with lots of practice in between.…

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Postcard Display and Storage

photo of large bulletin board covered in mail

I would estimate that I have over 700 postcards that I have received over the last 20 years. Some came through Postcrossing, Swap-bot, and SendSomething, while others came from pen friends, local friends, and family. Some of them I inherited through family members and some through friends who passed on some cards in their possession.…

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The Empty Notebook

illustration of notebook and pen

What do you do with a new notebook? I love perusing them, finding just the right kind, and adding more to my collection. Some I use. Some I plan to use but never do. Maybe one day. The comprehensive list below is from Ryan Hart. I found his list on Pinterest while I was working…

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Moleskin Weekly

green moleskin weekly

I love the Moleskin Weekly and have been using them the last few  years. In 2020 I used the Sapphire Blue one and for 2021 I will be using the Myrtle Green 5×8 Moleskin Weekly. On the left side in each date box, I write down highlights of what I did that day. And on…

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Your Favorite Writing Place

b&w illustration of simple chair and desk

Part of the charm, for me, of writing letters, is having a favorite writing area where I can get comfy, settle in, and write (or type) postcards and missives to friends, family, and online partners (this includes Postcrossing, SendSomething, and Swap-bot). I am always fascinated to see other people’s writing areas and thought it would…

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