2020 Planners

daily planner cover

I have decided on two types of planners for 2020. One is the Erin Condren and the other is Hobonichi Techo which were both used in 2018. You can go here to see what I used in 2019. I tend to do Erin Condren for future planning and day-to-day appointments and the Hobonichi for tracking…

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My Mother’s Journals 1993-1999

stack of used journals

My mother was 50 years old when she began keeping a daily journal.journal She doesn’t mention in her journal why she began documenting her life in small town North Dakota, nor did she ever share or talk about this private ritual with me or my sister. It was after she died in 1999 that we…

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Book Review: Virgil Wander

book cover

5 Stars (out of 5) I started reading Virgil Wander on loan from the library and before I had completed the first page, I knew that I was going to purchase my own copy. I was already in love with Virgil based on his name, Virgil Wander, and the beautiful star-filled cover evoking small-town America…

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