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Archive for March 2017

“Snail Mail” by Michelle Mackintosh

Michelle Mackintosh is a book designer and illustrator with a passion for mixing up the discarded with the new, collaging vintage, cute and modern aesthetics into something totally unique. Her book, Snail Mail, is a delight! What a beautiful testament to the gift of a letter. Her brightly colored book is amazing! The illustrations are…

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Brillante Pencils

The shimmery brilliance of these metallic colored pencils by designer Louise Fili are called, Brillante, companion to two other pencil sets, the Perfetto and Tutti Frutti.   There set of twelve double-sided pencils comes in six metallic shades in a strong and sturdy keepsake box. The six colors are silver/purple; copper/blue; gold/green.   These pencils…

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The Valentine Postmark

I have a lovely pen pal in Loveland, CO who sent me this special Valentine card with their own Loveland, CO postmark. The postmark and accompanying red sweetheart stamp (bottom left) are part of the Sweetheart City Valentine Program.   According to the website of the Loveland Chamber of Commerce, here’s the history of Sweetheart…

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