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Archive for December 2009

My New 5-Year Diary

2010 will begin with a new 5-year diary from Levengers (this photo is from their website). I also got one for my sister, who wrote the following in her Christmas letter this year: “I read my Mom’s journals this summer. For those of you considering starting a journal, I would highly recommend it. It was…

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Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays! I visited the Missive Maven blog as I do regularly and see that she has a contest to give away a copy of this new hardcover book, Yours Ever, by Thomas Mallon. Just pop over and leave a comment on Missive Maven’s site to be entered to win. I got…

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Found Letter

I came across this letter inside of a used book that I bought not too long ago. And earlier this year one of my pen pals sent a copy of a letter she also found in a used book that she got from Goodwill. Aren’t these fascinating these little glimpses into lives other than our…

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Notebook Purchase

I bought this mini binder (8.5″ x 7″) at russell + hazel stationery shop in Mpls., MN a couple weeks ago. I haven’t decided what purpose it will serve yet, but I loved the smaller size and the assortment of colorful filler paper and dividers. They had a wonderful selection of colors for the binder…

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russell + hazel Store (School and Office Supplies)

On a recent shopping expedition in Minneapolis I visited the russell + hazel flagship store for school and office supplies. What a fun (and dangerous) place for a stationery addict (Yes, I’ll admit it. I can’t help myself). The back of this store includes a work area that is wide open and inviting and looks…

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Old Letters

Old Letters. Do you have any? I have a few. In this pink folder I have some letters from my parents and grandparents (deceased), from my husband before we were married and from my daughter’s grandmother. I also have some old family postcards from the early 1900s that have survived somehow to find their way…

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