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Archive for November 2009

‘Yours Ever’- A New Book About Letters

‘Yours Ever: People and Their Letters‘ is a new book by author Thomas Mallon. I found this book from an entry on Twitter that linked to ‘100 Notable Books of 2009‘ at the NY Times. I also found this listed on the Indie Bound website which promotes buying books from your local independent bookstore. If…

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Idea Journal

I started my Idea Journal in February 2006. I got the idea from visiting some some web sites that talked about the concept of an Idea Journal. This little booklet has been in my purse or work bag for most of the last 3 1/2 years. Basically, with an Idea Journal, you have a ready…

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Sending Mail

If you enjoy sending mail, you might want to consider signing up for Send Love Today. This nonprofit organization sends mail to kids with brain tumors. If you go to their About Us section you will find the email address and postal address of the two ladies who run this wonderful organization. For the next…

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When You Write a Letter

The friendly letter, according to this book, “…need not be written today; its composition may be deferred tomorrow or next week, or to that pleasant and indefinite future when we plan to accomplish all things worthy and worth while; it is the letter we write because it gives us pleasure to do so, or more…

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Sending Out Prizes

Below is the list of winners for the Big Idea Contest that was held in October. I was hoping to hear from the first two people so they could choose their prizes and give me their mailing information, but they did not leave any way to contact them, so if they don’t check back here…

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Contest Winners!

Thanks to everyone who took the time to comment on my October 26 post with ideas for Letters & Journals! What awesome suggestions! Some I had already considered because they were things I was interested in, and it’s great to know that others are interested also. A lot of the others were new, so I…

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